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vTeam was founded on the idea that outsourcing could be more than a low-cost alternative. Our founders, James and Lesleigh Watson, scoured the globe looking for an outsourcing partner that would be cost-effective, operate as an extension of the BlackPoint IT team and be fluent in English. They quickly realized such a company didn’t exist, but should and vTeam was born.

vTeam is an American owned and locally managed offshore staffing company that recruits the best people to help our clients thrive. In 2016, our founder identified the Philippines with an English-speaking population, expanding world-class infrastructure and wealth of underutilized local talent as an emerging market for outsourcing services. vTeam is committed to creating new and exciting careers for our staff that will enable our clients to thrive.

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Committed to a Better Business Experience

vTeam is different from other outsourcing companies. We will not compromise on our values or commitment to customer service. Our clients and team are our first priority. With over 40 years of business experience, our leadership understands the importance of building a company to last. It starts by treating your customers, staff, partners and vendors with respect. From small to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500s, our mantra is the same – deliver what is promised 100% of the time. No exceptions.

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